the river trishuli which is relatively close to Kathmandu , is one of the popular rivers for rafting and ideal for beginners. Unraveling deep gorges and rolling valleys , the river takes rafters through remarkable landscape before arriving in the pilins tarai. The exhilaration of tackling challenging rapids is followed by relaxing sections that allow time for admiring the surroundings. Trips can last anywhere from one day to three days and the river is open to rafting throe\the year, unlike other rivers where trips are not feasible during the monsoons.
Rapid : snails nose , malekhu rapid , ladies delight , highway , upset , surprise , s- bend and pinball rapid .
Rafting down the trishuli is also an adventurous means of reaching Chitwan where rafters can then embark on another adventure — safari in the Chitwan national park. Trips usually start from charaudi.

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