the river bheri has its origin in the dolpa region of Nepal and is yet to be fully explored. Granded as an easy river to raft, it nevertheless gives rafters a thrilling ride. Along the way are encountered charming little villages with ancient traditions that have been perfectly preserved . Bheri is also well known for its good fishing spots . As with the Karnali , the journey here begins with a plane ride to Nepalgunj followed by a 3/4 hour drive to the point at samjighat.
Soon after setting off on the river journey , the first major rapid is encountered and there are many more along the way. during the halt for lunch , rafters have a chance to explore the surroundings areas and enjoy bird watching . excitement builds up in anticipation every time the river flows through a narrow gorge. The sides of the gorge rise 200/300 ft in vertical walls.
On the final day, there are more rapids to be tackled but nothing seriously challenging .the bheri then meets the mighty Karnali after leaving the gorge, the river enters the birdiya national park, a sanctuary for a large variety of animals and birds of many diverse species .
towards the end of this trip, rafters are likely to see the endangered magnetic dolphins that live in the calmer waters.

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