Seti Karnali

The seti Karnali is yet another remote river in far west Nepal . The airstrips at nepalgunj, dipayal and Chainpur make access to this river relatively easyb. Seti Karnali flows through serene wildlife viewing . The river starts at a steep gradient but gradually eases as it flows down . Seti Karnali is known for its splendid white beaches and views of distant mountains.
If one decides to putin at deura, the approach involves a trek over a hill from gopghat which is rewarding for its beautiful scenery and views of api and saipal peaks which are the source of the seti Karnali . The class 3/4 rapids encountered here can be tackled with little difficulty and the confluence of this river with Karnali causes some bouncy waves in certain section , rafters encountered at every bend. There are plenty of white sandy beaches for camping and amazing sights of 100m waterfalls.
The best time to go is from October to December and February to may

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