the river balephi comes down from mt dorje lakpa which is seen north of Kathmandu . It lies 50km from the capital , Kathmandu .
This is a fast flowing river that goes past helambu and has steep slopes on either side. The put in point lies 3 hrs. Away by bus near a village called jalbiire gaun. Rafters have to drive past dolalghat and the village of balephi to get there.
This river offers one of the shorter rafting trips and class 3/4 rapids. With many boulders on the way, it is full of surprises and rocky as well as technical . What lies ahead can only be seen as one gkides past the boulders. After leaving jalbire around noon, the end of the trip or the put out point at sukute is reached in about 3 1/2 hrs after going past the balephi bridge. It is then time to head back to Kathmandu by bus.
The best time for rafting on the balephi is October to November .

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