Tama koshi

the river tama koshi flows down from tibet and has a volume twice that of the bhote koshi. After flowing 75km down, it reaches the road at busti which is the usual putin . Tama koshi in nepali means river of copper. The river is recommended only gor reed kayakers who can maneuver through the treacherous water. The put-in point is at busti bridge which is reached after 4 hour drive by car from Kathmandu .
The river deceptively is qyite calm on the outset, but soon plenty of rapids are encountered for the next 4km before an island is reached . both sides of the island present class 5+ rapids. Then for 5 km, a to bigger class 5 rapids. This is once more followed by class class 4 rapids that continued until the confidence with khimti khola is reached . The big rapid that comes up next is fatal attraction and a portage is called for . The river then gets tamer until down for another 4 km the akase airstrip is reached . Tje sun koshi is 1 km from here.

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