Karnali the longest river in nepal, originate in the hoy mt. Kailash in Tibet, and flows through derp gorgeous , deserted beaches and steep canyons. One of the best river trips in nepal, the Karnali run can last up to ten fun filled days. The mild class 3 to fabulous class 5 rapids mkke the ride an unforgettable one, nnd combning fishing or jungle safari with the trip adds another dimension to the great adventure.
Rapids : captivity , flip and strip, gods house elbow and sweet well.
The karnali is also famous for mahseer fishing . For removed from urban influence , this is a remote region of nepal with frequent sighting of diverse wildlife . The river is demanding with encounters of massive rapids that test the skill
of rafters. For thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline high , it has a 7 km roller coaster ride through a fabulous gorge. The jouto the river start with an hour long flight to Nepalgunj and a drive to Surkhet . The put-in point at tallo dhungeshwor is reached after a 6 hour drive through lovely sal forest. Exciting rapids are encountered from day one. Tje river takes rafters through the pristine bardia national park and the trip ends below the spectacular chisopani bridge which is the longest suspension bridge in nepal

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