the arun river run provides yet another adventure tours trip in Eastern nepal for those who want more than just a river trip . The approach to the river involves a three day trek through the villages and enjoying views of mountains. This is a thrilling trip combining rafting with trekking and camping out in a pristine forest. The large volume of water ensures thrills and spills as it cuts a deep gorge through the hills. impressive rapids that are technically challenging are encountered throughout the river run.
The trip begins with a flight to tumlingtar in the hilly regions of Eastern nepal where rafters camp for the night before setting out towards the river. The next day adventure is a short trek to the next camping site. On day 3 , the river trip begins and class 3/4 rapids are encountered . The next day bring rapids in quick succession until composite is reached . On the final day, the river is smoother and merges with the famous sun koshi. finally floating for half an hour , the temple at barah chhetra is reached . further down is chatara, the put out point from where the drive back begins .

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