About Nepal And Tourism

For many years now travellers and adventurers have been coming to Nepal to test their strength and determination and have been rewarded with stories and memories that last a life time (and the odd world first or world record!). It is the perfect venue for adventure travel, a place where you can do it all. Raft on the rivers of the Himalaya, trek to gaze in awe at the peaks that dominate the skyline, paraglide and see the world as the black kites and eagles do, bungy jump in a beautiful gorge and relax and watch the wildlife in the jungles.  And no matter which adventure you choose there are always amazing blue skies (well nearly always), inspirational views, vibrant culture and beautiful and unforgettable people to meet and join you on your journey.

The geography of this remarkable Himalayan country has also led to a rich and varied cultural history. Wander the maze like streets of Kathmandu and you will get a sense of the role religion, mainly Hinduism or Buddhism, takes in everyday Nepali life. In the villages see the flurry of activity that takes place with the change of season, planting of crops, nurturing, harvesting and the celebrations that go with them. Meet the many different ethnic groups of Nepal that have lived a peaceful coexistence for hundreds of years and managed to maintain their own traditions and language. You are never far from an inquisitive and friendly child looking to practice their English or teach you a few words of Nepali.

The best times to visit Nepal are from September to November and from February to the end of May. Towards the end of September the monsoon rains disappear having turned the country a lush green. The days are sun filled and the skies are blue giving the best views of those famous Himalayan peaks. In the valleys the rivers are at their best, slightly more full with all the monsoon rain making rapid running in Nepal some of the best in the world. All around people are celebrating, first Dashain then Tihar. Children are playing on the village swing and everywhere the houses twinkle in the evenings from candlelight.


Adventure Nepal

From late February the foothills are awash with colour as the rhododendrons are in bloom. It is wedding season in Nepal so somewhere on your travels you will likely see cars dressed with flowers and local musicians announcing the arrival of the bride and groom. The Holi festival arrives with the promise of some fun with colours. The weather is perfect for rafting in Himalayan rivers, warm enough for you to dry off after getting wet in the rapids or taking a swim in the flat water. Chitwan and Bardia National Parks are bustling with activity as the temperature rises after the colder winter months.

Whatever your idea is of an adventure, holiday, weekend break or gap year Nepal can offer it and Adventure Aves can help you plan and live a magnificent trip in this outstanding and diverse country. Let us show you our Nepal, from the rapids that have our hearts thumping, to the quiet corners of Kathmandu where our thoughts turn to calm, from the best fishing spots in the Babhai and Seti Karnali rivers to the Himalayan views that blow our minds. We have travelled Nepal (although we still have lots more we want to see), lived Nepal and will always love Nepal.  All you need to do to start your story is get in touch.

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