Kali Gandaki

A medium length river , the kali Gandaki offers spectacular view of mountains and flows by charming little villages with no motor roads in sight . With views of eight thousand metro oaks and challenge of rousing rapids this is indeed a unique experience for rafters. With visit to temples and village , this trip is a cultural one as well , and technical nature of the rapids ensures a busy time paddling.
Rapid : small brother , big brother and refund .
The adventure begins with a trip down to Pokhara either a half hour plane ride or a five hour drive where the first day is spent relaxing . The put in point which is 41 km away is reached after 2 1/2 hour drive the next day. The rafter ae greeter by a series of rapids class 3 and class 4 and also enjoy some bird watching . further down , the rapids decrease on frequently and the valley widens slowing down the flow. interestingly are seen along the way. normally , this is a three day rafting trip

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