Sun koshi lower

the sun koshi lower is one of those rivers where a long trip 9 days is possible . Rated as one of the ten best high water river expeditions, it has turbulent waves and a large volume of water. The river runs through landscape of thick vegetation that harbor rich wildlife . Many species of birds ,monkey and even leopards can be seen during the rafting trip. The river also has gharial crocodiles which are predominantly fish eating creatures. The put in point at dolalghat is a three hour drive from Kathmandu .
Rapids : punch and Judy , meat grinder, high anxiety , black hole , rhino rock , big dipper Abd dead man eddy.
amazingly, this river prepares the rafters for the big rapids by first introducing them to milder class 2 and class 3 rapids. It then gets progressively challenging from day to day, leading to some exciting rides through high water . These are also sections for relaxing during scenic floats and a remarkable jungle corridor. One of the camping spots is atman interesting confluence of three of the major rivers of eastern Nepal : arun , tamers, and sun koshi. The trip ends at chatter and the drive back begins.

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